Ephesos 2023

Permission for the Ephesos excavation for 2023 has been granted by the Turkish authorities. We are very much looking forward to this year's campaign!

Work on site in Ephesos is expected to start in early May and last until mid-October. The following projects are planned:

1. Excavations

  • Continuation of the excavations at Domitian's Square
  • Artemision of Ephesos: Here the focus is on the hitherto little-known Roman buildings to the north of the Temple of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, which are expected to yield important results on the sacred precinct around the temple.
  • Cemetery of the Church of St. Mary, especially graves from the Late Antiquity/Byzantine period, in order to learn more about the living conditions of the population at that time.

2. Conservation Activities

  • Continuation of the conservation of wall paintings in Hanghaus 2
  • Preparation of a damage mapping and a conservation concept for the Celsus Library

3. Building Research

  • Stage building of the Great Theatre, Serapeion, city gates